I've just published the OAuth2 libs in order to authorize the website which uses OAuth2 such as fitbit, uber, smartthings, etc.. You don't need worry about searching the SDK from their site, just one lib for all.

Here is the link to download: https://github.com/trongdth/OAuth2-for-iOS. It can be used easily with cocoapod. If there is any problem, don't hesitate to contact me!

This is a post for a new year - a new start. Today I want to look back for years I work at the company in VietNam and share my thinking about that.

Somebody said that why I don't see any innovation company in VietNam while VietNam is the country has many talents. Now I can answer your question about this. The first reason is "lazy", they usually work on the office and back to home in order to 'sleep'. The second thing is "envy".

For you, if you're the boss or you want to become an entrepreneur. Here is the question I want to ask you.
  1. Are you welcome to see your employee begin to start a new business?
  2. Are you happy to share your experience to help them or just fire them because they don't focus current work?
Today I'm very happy to announce we have released new application call "Chess - Cờ tướng Việt Nam" to Apple Appstore Please help me to review and recommend some features to do next? I'm always here to hear you ;)
Apple has released new Xcode a month ago with many features and many changes on UI but here is what the user said: "crash anywhere", "cannot open Xcode", blah...blah. For me, it's normal. No one is perfect but take a look at the UI which Apple always proud of
What is the line :s? It should not be there :( please remove and come back what I love Apple!!!!
Please take a look at the new clone 2048 game on iOS: Download here
Don't ask why I always clone game. Just because we are big fan of 2048 ;). That's enough!
Unforgotten game on Nokia since 2000. Now it will be available in Apple Appstore next week. Let's try and give it a comment :)
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